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TreED Initiative

Information - in - education Policies can improve the education of millions at a low cost.

  • About us

    TreEd is an organization created to tackle the underinvestment in human capital in Latin America and

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  • Our Team

    TreEd provides public information policies in education. We deliver big data management capabilities

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  • Professor Christopher Neilson

    Professor Christopher Neilson is passionate about ensuring that government policy — in particular

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FuturEd is a program for encou...

You Have Talent!

You Have Talent is a program f...

Youth Alert

Youth Alert is predictive tool...

School Choice

School Choice is a program for...

College Choice

College Choice is a website pl...

Tree Ed Services

  • Big Data Management for Public Sector

    We provide Big Data Management services to governments and organizations in order to boost their pot

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  • Information-in-Education Policies

    We have developed and tested five policy programs aimed to promote human capital accumulation at a l

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